Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Downy Unstopables are Unstopable!

I registered with a company called Vocalpoint because, as you can tell from this blog, I love to give my opinion! Fortunately for me, Vocalpoint lets me give my opinions as often as I would like. They are a reputable site and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. Mothers all over the country are enjoying the benefits of being a Vocalpoint member.

I think one of my favorite benefits would be the products that are sent in the mail for you to try out. It's like a surprise holiday when you open your mailbox. You don't know when it's coming, but one day you are just doing the everyday blah, blah, and you walk out to get your mail as you do everyday. But this day is different because inside, you find a package with your name on it. It's so exciting! You have no idea what's inside, but you know it's all for you. Sometimes it ends up being something you can use for yourself and your family...but in all reality, it's a little present for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the mailbox and saw my name on a rather large package. I immediately rushed inside and tore open the package. Inside I found a product called Downy Unstopables.

As soon as I pulled it out of the box it came in, I noticed that it was kind of squeezable. So.....of course I squeezed!
I didn't even have to open the lid to smell this wonderful fresh scent. It was a full-sized bottle of these little green beads.

These little green beads are scent boosters! You put them in the bottom of the washing machine (the drum) before you start it. You can have a little scent or a lot, it depends on how much scent you like your laundry to have.

 I personally don't like a whole of scent, I don't want it to overpower the perfume or lotion I am wearing.  Socks, however, can always use a little extra, don't you agree? Speaking of socks, Vocalpoint sent me a pair of active wear socks and told me to throw them into the first load. That is exactly what I did. As soon as I pulled them out of the washing machine I could smell the difference. I thought they would definitely lose their scent after drying, but I was wrong! (Someone should make a note of this...I'm sure my husband will take care of that).  They came out of the dryer and smelled wonderful! Apparently, the scent is supposed to last 30 days..I cannot attest to that since I have only been using it a week. However, my towels and socks still smell wonderful!

They sent me the "Fresh" scent in the green bottle.

I love it, but I have to admit that I can't wait to try the purple bottle, which is called "Lush". I can honestly say I give Downy Unstopables a thumb's up!!

Just in case you want to register with Vocalpoint and enjoy these great benefits, you can click on the word Vocalpoint anywhere in this post. It will take you to their registration page and away you go. They will be having another Downy Unstopables sample offer coming soon. Don't miss out on your present in the mailbox! Remember that by joining, you will be helping mold the future of products and services forever.